Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing

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How to Choose the Right Traffic Source

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10 Illustrations on How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings

Through patent filings over the years, Google has explored many ways that it might use "freshness" in an article as a ranking signal. In 2003, Google's engineers filed a patent that shook the SEO world. The patents not only offered insight into … [Continue reading]

Make Money| Work From Home Tips

Working from home, in any industry takes organization, structure and drive. It also takes a PLAN. This video/course is designed to provide practical ways to improve performance, increase income and create mental clarity for woman who work from … [Continue reading]

The Secrets of Social Bookmarking for SEO

By now you might know that most good social bookmarking sites place no follow commands on links, meaning that these are not useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. So, you may rightly ask yourself if having a social bookmarking … [Continue reading]