Why Should Your Small Business Start a Blog

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    Small Business Start a Blog

    Since blog is not that simple, and search engines are policing all of your efforts, should a business maintain a section of blog on their website?

    blogsThe answer is yes. Your site is more than likely to appear higher within the SERPs (search engine result pages) if you’re maintaining a blog that if you do not. And these results are vital now that more individuals are turning to the Web to make purchases and obtain information.

    Why is “appearing higher” within the search engine results critical? Consider how you consume information. Do you scroll through all search engine results you get as you conduct a search, or, do you select from the results on page one, with close attention to the results discovered at the top of that page?

    If you remain at the top of page one of the results, you are like 95% of Internet users out there. As a matter of fact, individuals typically joke that the ideal place to discover a dead body is on the second page of Google.

    Therefore, where is your blog located on the list of search results? Do you usually come in the first place within the search results? Or 400th? It’s referred to as page rank.

    The more traffic the blog generates, the more engaging the blog’s content it is, the more shares and likes it’ll receive, the higher you’ll rank. And this means more individuals will locate your site; services, products, blog – everything!


    How Often You Should Write Blogs

    Do not stress and anxiety yourself over it, simply start someplace. One time per month is better than nothing at all. Once per week is better than once per month, and once per day is better than once per week.

    Do what you can. The more you create content, the easier it’ll become – not to forget the increased quantity of leads you’ll produce from doing so.

    What to Write About

    As you begin the blog site, create material concerning your company.

    Create content about your customers. Create content about your products. Create content about your failures, successes, and lessons learned. Plus, if you dare, create content about some intriguing stories pertaining to how you decided to be an entrepreneur.

    blogsPersonal stories of your business success, as well as how you did it, assist your brand in becoming relatable. That is crucial. In today’s world of business, a small business is merely a couple of poor Yelps from oblivion. On the other hand, your service is a couple of amazing testimonials from success.

    Outsourcing the Writing

    You may have expert bloggers do the writing for you. You may pay them to write content which might appeal to your readers. This process will fall under content marketing.

    How Many Blogs Should You Have?

    The quality of the blogs greatly matters. However, size also matters. Within a perfect world, you should blog more frequently than the competition, and you should have more posts in your blog than the competition has.

    That way, the search engines see that your site is more robust and active than the competitions’ websites. Also, more blogs mean there are that many more opportunities for your site to be found when individuals perform Internet searches.

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