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Why List Building is Still Crucial

list building

List Building

I’m going to share with you today something super crucial that maybe people are overlooking and it is why list building is so crucial it is still so crucial for your online business. Nobody teaches you how to build a list well the kind of list to build is not exactly the kind that’s gonna give you longevity in your business.

List BuildingIt’s never mentioned in the training it’s just not really part of what they give the generic training. They tell you to build a list of names of people may be a hundred contacts that you know but that’s not the kind of list that I’m talking about. If you look at a lot of the companies out there we’re talking about regular companies like for example Sears or you know even Walmart how does the company distribute its news coupons information events to people who are interested in the stuff that store has.

They do it through distributing email am I right do you get those emails in your inbox that says hey fifty percent off sale. That is building a list you are a customer that is on their list so they can share their promotions their coupons their events to you. And that’s what draws people in to come in and buy because they’re like oh I need to get on this deal that’s happening.


So if you think that you don’t need to build a list for your business you may be taking the hard way to build a business and also you’re not leveraging the potential customers that may be ready to buy. The lesson to be learned don’t be fooled by fad marketing trends things that are really popular right now are temporarily trendy and they don’t help you to build your business.

e-mailIn the long run, that’s really what you need to do and you can do those things for sure to bring in people to hear your message but you need to get them onto your list for long term strategy why everyone avoids building a list is beyond me. I kind of get it because when I went to this kind of high-level workshop when my mentors told me if you haven’t started building a list start right now.

I got to work and I started to put the process together it’s not as difficult as you think but most people give up because they can’t seem to generate their first few leads and let me tell you it is frustrating. If you don’t really understand the process and you’re trying to learn it all and put it together. I just threw myself into it they told me I needed to do this and I just started plugging away and consistently over maybe three months time.

Building Your List

Nobody knew who I was maybe shy of a hundred subscribers that were a big goal for me a big victory because you know I’m really introverted I don’t like to put myself out there. I knew I needed to do that in order to grow my business and to get my message out there my name out there.

Get into my space my niche and let people know hey I’m here and this is what I’m doing. So if you add even just one person every day for a year you’ve got a list of 365 people so if you really just focus on trying to get one lead today, in the beginning, you’re gonna see over time you’re gonna really be able to grow.

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I’ve learned how to grow and I’ve learned tactics to try to build my list a little bit quicker and now I probably get a few leads per week. It’s hard to do it’s hard to make that leap over but once you start doing it it becomes a lot easier and then you can just build upon what you have created.

When you build a list you own that list you don’t have to worry about who’s ever controlling what algorithms are out there what changes are gonna happen. It’s gonna be solely in your control and you can then decide when the messages are going out and when you can who you can speak to. I’m telling you your customers will be a lot happier so that was the lesson learned.

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