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    Why NOW is the best time to get started creating videos. How to cut your learning curve in half so you get lightning fast results.

    Get skills on how to look confident on camera, done for you speaking outlines that you can use for instant, high-performing videos that make money.

    How to successfully lead an army of 1,000 true fans and call them to take action on whatever you want.

    Unlock the BEST video gear and plugins that will make your videos look professional (even if you’re recording them in your bedroom)

    Get your videos found and skyrocket your growth using these simple, yet effective search engine optimization methods.

    I will walk you step-by-step how I am making $5,000+ per month using NINE income streams you can replicate.

    There was NOTHING held back creating this course. That’s why it’s jam packed with over 14-hours of exclusive, never before seen content. By the end of this course you will know EVERYTHING I teach my coaching clients on how to run a profitable YouTube channel. Each video is packed with experience, resources, tips, suggestions and tutorials so you WILL get results.

    Video Breakthrough Academy comes with its fair share of templates, worksheets and done for you resources. From branding worksheets to help you develop your brand’s core mission, to speaking templates to crush your next video, Video Breakthrough Academy has you covered.

    Connect with other members of Video Breakthrough Academy in this closed facebook group only available to members of VBA.

    NOTE: the following are REAL testimonials. None of the following people were paid for their opinion.

    This material works. I’ve invested years into cracking the youtube success formula. Hundred of people have gotten results. You will too.

    That being said, this entire course…


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