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Sales Funnel and why is it important

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Why it’s called sales funnel because it’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Sales funnel is a kind of strategy that helps you to convert your prospects into paying customers. So at the top, you have cold traffic and at the bottom, you have committed customers. So your job is to convert all traffic into paying customers.

Sales FunnelAt the top of the funnel, no one knows about you except your family friends colleagues. So it’s important to get your name out there. Start building your credibility create some buzz around your brand. If you a coach consultant personal trainer you should start thinking about building your personal brand. Establish your social media presence.

Sales Funnel Website

You need to think what your audience wants to know and create content for them. At the beginning you do need to create a beautiful website don’t spend a lot of money on this, Just create a stunning landing page and offer some valuable information for free. Therein return for their contact details for example if you are a personal trainer you can offer a free training session. If you are lawyer real estate agent may be a doctor you can offer a free consultation.

So once people register for your free consultation they will give their contact details and you can start building your database. Also your email list and this will be the first point of contact with your customers. In the middle of the funnel once you receive email addresses and contact details of your prospects. You need to start an email marketing campaign and continue communication about your brand about your personality.

paying customersContinue building trust and at the bottom of the funnel when people know more about you when they trust you. More you can run a webinar for instance if your personal trainer the webinar can be about how to lose weight within one month. But it’s important to close a webinar with a call to action with the sale. I want to highlight that you need to give as much value during the webinar as possible.

Sales Funnel Marketing

Because when people watch your webinar and they get so much value from it. They would have a feeling like so what value they will get if they buy your main product. And you have more chances to convert your prospects into buying customers.

Once you build that system you optimize it you start generating leads on autopilot. And that’s how online coaching and consulting businesses work. And that’s how they reach six or even seven-figure mark by generating leads.

That’s all you need. Get that perfected. And that’s when you’re really going see cold signups. People that have never heard of you turn into quality leads and actually sign up and work with you. Now stop thinking about as many leads as you can. It’s not about quantity, it’s about the quality.

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