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Ways To Promote Your Website Using Web 2.0

Promote website is the key and only indispensable strategy to let your website be breathing and alive amidst soaring competition. Making a website more interactive and interesting is a trend that every web master needs to adopt.

This essentially is referred to as Web 2.0. Today Web 2.0 is seen as an important tool to promote website or website business. This tool can significantly boost website traffic and profits. Described below are ways or methods that will help promote your website using Web 2.0.

Promote Website

Creating a business blog:

Today, every internet savvy user wants to be well informed and keep abreast with new and fresh content.

This is where the blogs come in. Creating a business blog with informative content is an easy way to accomplish this. It is vital however, that the user should be allowed to comment on entries.

This not only lends it a community atmosphere but also promote website interaction as well as returning visitors. Just another tip here:

Make sure that you maintain your blog well. Also, comment on other blogs as well. This will in turn promote interest in your website. Take appropriate measures here to prevent any kind of spamming. A spam filter works best.

Participation in forums:

Participation in relevant forums can significantly enhance your websites popularity. Participating in discussions on topics that relate to your website products or services, is the best way to spread the word around without making it sound like an advertiser.

Thereafter, include a link to your website, so people know what exactly you are talking about and get clicking! Not only will you be able to promote website but even alleviate any doubts or concerns of previous visitors or potential customers.

This in turn boosts participation; thereby enhancing your websites credibility and popularity. It is highly recommended not to get engaged in heated arguments or mudslinging debates.

Just ensure that you provide relevant and honest information to the readers, something that they find very useful and informative. This way you enhance the credibility of your website without sounding too bombastic.

Submission of blog posts to popularity sites:

Popularity websites like Digg and StumbleUpon is another way to boost your websites popularity. This requires the web master to submit blog posts to these popularity websites.

When users start voting; it can greatly enhance your web sites popularity and result in massive exposure. It is advisable to submit other sites as well besides submitting your own.

This is primarily because if you submit and vote just for your site alone, it is considered spamming. Moreover, it defeats the purpose of offering benefits to the community.

Writing articles:

Write and submit articles to web sites that allow you to do so, and in effect are contributing towards providing useful information. Then, you can link to your website as and where it is relevant.

Readers can find this quite beneficial. Make sure the content is accurate and honest without making it sound too unreal. The content should be such that can arouse interest in readers. This will ensure that the reader makes note of the URL or bookmark the page for reference at a later time.

Record Podcasts:

Using a multimedia feature or essentially an audio file helps in conveying the exact message that sometimes may be lacking when explained in written. Moreover, users usually find this refreshing and listen to the audio in its entirety if it is packed with useful information and is made to sound interesting. This way, they retain the information even better.

Create RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds:

RSS is a format for organizing news and news related content for news sites as well as for web logs. Although RSS feeds are associated with web logs, they can be used to announce special offers as well as new product releases etc.


Web 2.0 is essentially the social web. Create relevant and quality content. Poor quality content spells lousy marketing. It is advisable to surf web logs and social media websites like YouTube, Google Videos, Digg, StumbleUpon,, Reddit etc to lap up on as much information possible and get to know how exactly it works. Get to know the Web 2.0 culture and make the best of it while promoting your website.

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