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Make Money Online Tips

    Make Money Online Tips

    Advanced Make Money Online Tips

    Make money online tips were thinking of on-page optimization we are talking about things including. But not limited to having a website, page, or blog that is properly constructed.

    seoLet’s move on to off-page optimization

    Off-page optimization is an integral part of any website advanced to make money online tips.

    Many aspects of this will be blended. This is the fun part you have taken care of your little bird, carefully watched over its birth and made sure it was healthy now its time to put that little parakeet to flight! It is difficult to give an expanded account of all this entails but let me name some favorites.

    Off-web page optimization involves web link structure in its many types. Let’s say you have a link to your website say for example at the bottom of an article in the resource box.


    That is called a tier two link, if you were to place a video on YouTube and in the description box you placed the link to the article (the article that contains a link to your website) that link would be a tier 3 link.

    Do you see what I’m getting at? I’m merely trying to quickly illustrate the idea of tiered links. They are links to your backlinks this can get quite complicated and it is difficult to keep track of them.

    Make Money Online TipsYou want the links on “tier 1” to be on high-quality sites.

    For example, EzineArticles has a high “page rank” so if I had my site’s URL posted at the bottom of this article it would count for a link to my site (hello).

    I am being funny yet serious I have to mention at this point if you go about this in a dirty fashion meaning in a spam type way you will pay for it.

    So I stress high quality like ehow, Hubpages, .gov sites, and .edu. sites. Now I have said too much but what are the other forms of off-page optimization regarding making money online tips?

    YouTube is the second largest search engine you can quickly make a video and put it on YouTube.


    Keep in mind to enhance the video with a full description of the right title and also tags. If you had a product of your own on your site you may want to consider ClickBank, it is an affiliate site where you can have other people try to market your item for a percent (that you choose) of the sale.

    This makes links to your site all over and it’s like you have people working with you to bring people to your site.

    clickbankSending your site, you can do this before or after off web page optimization.

    I like to build up a little strength for my online business website then submit it as I am constantly updating the page and building links and such.

    I don’t like to spam the search engine with constant submissions of my site. You can submit your site to Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster quickly.

    Here is the nice thing about that while you’re compiling tools for your online business.

    When you submit to Google be sure to sign in to Analytics and perhaps AdWords.

    I say this because the tools Webmaster Tools and Analytics are super valuable. It sounds like a drag but they give you data like where are the visitors coming from, what should you do more of, what can you improve.

    Instance – I made a comment in a certain online forum my remark was useful and I left a web link to my free (practical as well as complimentary) website.


    I did do this three or four times but I got over 164 visitors. Do you know just how much that would cost me if I were making use of AdWords? Probably two dollars per visitor or more. The point is that I would not have known about this unless I was checking the “analytical data.”

    adwordsI have to end quickly yet promotion becomes part of off-page optimization as well as it is limited just by your creativity. We can look at best practices but the possibilities are endless.

    During this phase, you may grow weary but remember the principles if you apply hard work, faithfulness, and positive thinking you will have a better time.

    You may end in a sort of failure but you will have learned from it and you will be stronger the next time. I’m out of time but I will try to present more make money online tips in future articles.

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