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How To Make Your New Website Popular

    New Website

    New Website

    When you make a new website, it is important to bring traffic to the website to expand your business and get leads. There are millions of websites over the internet, but most of them do not know how to make their new websites popular and bring lots of visitors to their site.

    New WebsiteHere are some of the steps that if followed will surely bring lots of traffic and also returning visitors to your website.

    1. Good Layout And Design

    The first step while building a website is it should have a good well-balanced layout with the proper color combination. The website should be easily readable with easy navigation. People reject and close websites that look ugly and unattractive.

    The fonts used should be simple and of suitable size. We can take the example of Google as the most popular website is so simple yet so famous and popular. The website should also not be cluttered with empty spaces around.

    2. PPC Advertising

    Google AdWords is the most popular option if you want to bring paid traffic. PPC or pay-per-click advertising can bring lots of traffic if you plan your advertising campaigns properly.

    Agreed, you will have to spend a little, but there are options in Google AdSense to limit the amount you spend daily according to your budget.

    Ads should be attractive with good and selected keywords and targeted demographically to get better results. This can bring you initial traffic as SEO takes time, sometimes months to bring traffic.

    website3. Quality Content

    This is the most important element if you desire website traffic with an online search engine like Google. There are lots of websites around having lots of pages but they do not rank higher in searches.

    This is because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing lay more emphasis on quality and not quantity. So the content on all pages should be original and unique.

    It should not be copied from other websites. Search engines punish websites copying matters from others and degrade them. More emphasis is to be laid on the title tag and header tag also.

    4. SEO

    SEO is the art of making your website rank higher for selected keywords through a set of rules that are to be implemented. SEO or search engine optimization will result in more organic traffic through various search engines.

    As most of the traffic a website gets is through SEO, this is the most important thing for a new website to become popular and get traffic.

    There are 2 things in SEO that are to be looked at:

    1. On-page optimization: Things like your title tag, H1 tag, use of selected and proper keywords are to be followed
    2. Off-page optimization: This implies, you should have lots of incoming links from good ranked and similar category websites.

    SEO is a very vast subject and there are many more things to do in both on-page and off-page optimization. If you cannot handle SEO yourself, it is advised to get the services of professional SEO experts.

    They review the entire site and recommend changes to be done and do the links posting with the help of their team.

    website5. Publicity

    Now you will have to publicize your website through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Also, put links of these social websites on your website for people to follow.

    You can also use other social sites like Reddit, LinkedIn, stumble upon, etc. Post links of your website in articles, blogs, forums, and all other websites accepting comments.

    You can use Feedburner or any RSS for feeds which will bring returning visitors. It also includes sending email to your contacts and email marketing through databases.

    6. Regular updating

    It is important to increase the number of pages and keep posting new content. It is also important to edit and bring continuous changes to the written matter on the older pages.

    This is necessary because Google and other search engines give less importance to pages that are old and stale without changes. Also, websites that do not increase the number of pages with time are considered to be updated and degraded.

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