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How Long Should a Podcasts Be



Comprehending the timing and also framework of podcasts are very important aspects for any type of audio author.

This write-up considers just how you can develop well-paced, well-structured sound material that provides your core messages. And also develops material that makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

podcastControlling the pace and running time creates content that is relevant and easy to listen to. If they enjoy the experience, your audience will return for further installments.

With the ideal structure, size, and also format, your podcasts will also be appropriate for submission by commercial stations.

Knowing what you want to achieve through your podcasts helps you to decide format and length. Will your audience be listening at home, at work, or on the move?

Do you wish to offer guidelines or home entertainment? Are you planning to create content with an eye to syndication or do you want to create content for your immediate community?

If you think about the times you have stood for a minute’s silence. You’ll be aware of how long a period it seems.
Remind yourself of what a whole minute feels like by using a timer and really take in the experience.

Entertaining Content

In the context of your podcasts, this covers a lot of content to fill with focused, relevant, and entertaining content.

Depending upon your podcast size. You’ll have to structure your material to load 2, eight, ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty mins, half an hr or longer.

The length will depend on factors including your audience expectations and behavior. The purpose and intentions of your podcast, their frequency, and your ability to create entertaining content on a consistent basis.

For example, you’re planning a series of weekly broadcasts focusing on quick tips and strategies. A shorter length will be more appealing and more practical.

entertaining contentIf you’re planning to offer a more reflective, in-depth perspective, then a longer length would be fitting.

Whatever the length, it’s important that you spread the content out in a sensible and intelligible way.
Prior planning prevents you from getting side-tracked and run out of time.

You prevent running out of things to say within minutes of starting. Spreading your narration over the length of the broadcast is called pacing. And it means that you’ve allowed sufficient time to supply your product without awkward voids or agitated rushing.

Google Podcasts

Trying to pack in all your material in a few minutes does your audience a disservice. So see how much time it actually takes to deliver your material and make adjustments as a result.

You want to be sure that your listeners are able to understand what you want to say in a relaxed and clear manner.

As you consider the format and structure of your podcast, practice your intros and closing sentences. Time them to ensure that you can be realistic about the size and for how long you’ll have left for your body material.

If your introductions and endings take five minutes out of an allocated 8 minutes then you’ve left yourself very little time for the actual topic…

Program Outline

Utilize your script or program outline to check your delivery of the body web content. A script keeps you on track and focused on your key messages so you make the most of the period you’ve allowed yourself.

If the theme benefits it, you can produce further episodes, so don’t think that you need to state everything within one broadcast.

program outlineMost listeners retain three core messages so don’t waste time overloading your podcast and overwhelming your audience.

People tend to remember items towards the beginning and the end. A long passage of information so keep your points short and clear.

If you consistently run over the allotted time. Then either to cut back your text to fit or increase the length of your overall broadcast.

Be aware that the length may not be appropriate for your audience. The format, or the sort of content that you want to publish. It makes more sense to learn to edit back from the first and avoid the temptation of extending your podcast if you don’t have to.

Practice and listen to your recordings and ask others for constructive feedback. You can make modifications currently prior to posting your material. Do you make your points succinctly and accessibly? Does the material tie together?

Do your verbal tics and mannerisms take up precious time? Are you speaking in a monotone, or too quickly and unevenly?

How you articulate your content will make an impact on your timings – speaking clearly and slowly may take up more time but means that your audience will be able to understand and enjoy what you have to say.

If you’re covering complex ideas or new concepts, then your listeners will prefer a steady and evenly paced delivery.

Podcasts Meaning

Your decision on length needs to take into account your tempo and natural pacing as much as the complexity and purpose of the content.

If you’re creating podcasts with an eye to syndication then you want to emulate a format that’s considerate to the needs of commercial radio broadcasting.

Listen for an hour or two to a couple of commercial radio stations which are good examples of the kind who would take your content, or who broadcast to your niche audience.

podcastMake a note of breaks in content for advertising and the length of time that is given over to adverts in each break.
Observe when the presenters make identity breaks and whether it’s in the form of a jingle or a spoken reminder.

Log the length of story segments so you can see how much time is devoted to a single topic or theme. Before the listener has to listen to an advert break or ident reminder.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to see how your target station manages the balance between content and advertising.

If you want your content to be used by such stations, you’ll need to make sure that your broadcasts reflect the same pattern and flow. You’ll position your material segments to end and start along comparable time-frames.

As the article shows, the length of your podcasts will be decided by a combination of factors including the needs and listening habits of your target audience, your purpose and intentions, and your natural pace and delivery.

Listening to other audio publishers will help you see what appeals to your niche and will also influence your ultimate format.

A key consideration will always be the relevancy of your content – if you make it accessible and enjoyable to listen to without exceeding their patience, your audience will support you.

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