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Good Coach Saves You Time With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Coach

I have written hundreds of articles on all aspects of working online but the ones that are most popular are about affiliate marketing, so I will tell you how and why I became involved.

Affiliate MarketingA few years ago I was looking for something I would enjoy learning that would create a home business. I was happy to have a challenge, but wanted something that I would have success with.

I had limited computer skills but loved all forms of sales and marketing. I had a background in teaching and 40 years sales and marketing experience. I was looking forward to sharing my knowledge in the future.

I learned to build websites, took courses, bought endless products all promising to teach me everything; watched endless webinars etc. I learned a lot but I wasn’t making any money!

My plan had been to treat online marketing as a hobby initially whilst I was working, until it felt the right time to sack my boss. That was something I really wanted to do!

After a couple of years I was almost ready to give up, but in the meantime I had met several millionaires and had got to know several successful marketers who were having a ball, loving their freedom and success. So I was certain making money online was possible, but it was eluding me!

One day looking at YouTube videos I found a coach who I could relate to, someone who was dynamic, who didn’t pad out training with irrelevant chat, (I had wasted enough time), someone who made good clear training videos and offered a great training program.

Products were provided in a great range, together with training. Plus generous commissions paid as one learned the techniques, also for repeat orders from customers introduced. It all seemed very fair and genuine.

Affiliate MarketingI decided to give affiliate marketing another chance and with the help and guidance and support of other members sales began to materialise. So the morale of the story – don’t attempt to begin on your own unless you have previous experience, there is so much to learn, test and succeed with.

Find yourself a good honest coach whose style of teaching you can relate to; who offers good products and training. This is a much simpler way to begin, it is quicker and will save you wasting time and cash.

If affiliate marketing is something you aspire to a good coach is definitely the answer. Wishing you great success and satisfaction in your new venture!

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