EliteVideoCreation101 Details – non-techie and jargon-free!

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…when it comes to getting your message out there, video is king. But, with video-makers charging as much as $3,000+ per minute of video, it must be a pretty tough world to break into, right?

Well, that’s what I thought when, a few years ago, I needed (and I mean NEEDED!) to make some videos for the business I was trying to build.

Trouble was, I had no money to pay someone to make them for me, and no idea how to do it myself. On top of that, I’m the least techie guy you could ever wish to meet.

The weird thing about all that though is that I now make my living creating videos for a massive list of clients – and I’m still every bit the non-techie guy I always was.

How you can create videos better than you imagined possible, starting today, even if you have zero experience.

With an emphasis on the increasingly popular whiteboard or doodle animation (that’s what my clients always want more of!)

I could tell you about all the things that are inside EliteVideoCreation101 – but I’ve got a better idea…

You’ve probably heard it before but this really IS the course I wish I’d had access to when I was starting out. It would have saved me so much time!

I’ve spent months putting this course together and I love it! But don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my beta-test students had to say…

… I have been using [this software] for 5 years now and hadn’t known or used ¾ of the stuff you explained…

OMG I just watched the Introduction to Editing video and that was so helpful. I have had [the software] for about a year now…

…your videos have motivated…

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